• Private detectives Catalonia



    Welcomes to the AGENCY webpage PRO for Catalonia, office of private detectives specialistic in investigation deprived in civil, labor and familiar matter, with official license MMDCII.


    The service of investigation that we offer is compatible yet judicial procedure because our activities adjust to the principles of reasoning, necessity, suitability and proportionality.


    All our operative ones are credited as private detectives (with TIP in force) before the police and help him to keep awake their suspicions and preoccupations.


    Suspicions? It engages a detective. Private detectives CataloniaSuspicions? It engages a detective. Private detectives Catalonia

    Suspicions? It engages a detective


    One is in a situation that needs special help. Neither friendly, nor familiar, nor lawyers, nor managers… nobody can help him. You try to obtain the data by his account. It has even tried to make a pursuit and account occurs that does not know how to do it.


    When nobody can help him, it is hour to have a professional of the private investigation. It is the moment for engaging a private detective. Better still… it is the moment for contracting an agency of private detectives.


    To contract the services of an agency of detectives guarantees to him that it will exponentially increase its opportunities to do against the problematic one in which it is. Or a divorce, an uncontrolled minor, a pending debt or annoyances of a neighbor.


    The solution of its problems happens through a call. It is not only.

    The detective deprived as qualified witness. Private detectives CataloniaThe detective deprived as qualified witness. Private detectives Catalonia

    The detective deprived as qualified witness


    In any judicial procedure, the practising private detective has consideration of qualified witness and its report has total probatory effectiveness. By all means that the detective must respect the enumerated principles previously: Reasoning, necessity, suitability and proportionality.


    By that reason, the client must let to total freedom to the detective to be able to carry out his work. At the moment at which the client tries to twist the conclusions of the detective, he has by seated that will harm its own interests. He trusts the recommendations of the professional.


    But that confidence is not gratuitous. Before contracting any deprived detective, it solicits that it shows his TIP to him (official accreditation) and consults in the webpage of the Cabbage·legi Official of Detectius Privats de Catalonia if the name of its detective consists in the data base that will find there.

    Direct deal with its private detective. Private detectives CataloniaDirect deal with its private detective. Private detectives Catalonia

    Direct deal with its private detective


    According to the nature of its case, the habitual deal with its private detective will be advisable or no.


    In the cases of familiar nature it is recommended that the detective has a minimum contact with the client. It will not have to facilitate anticipated conclusions, nor precise observations. At the moment the client is happening through a especially sensible situation and any advance that the detective can give, is probable that it tolerates a precipitation of events.


    For example, a case of possible conjugal infidelity. If the detective informs that she has seen that the watched spouse has been with somebody, the client can react before the investigated one by stress, indignation or annoyance. In this case, the detective will be no shortage nothing, the investigated one is expert of the existence of the detective and the case is burned.


    By all this, we recommended that the contact with the client is minimum but with open communication 24 hours so that the investigator is to the case of the last new features of the investigated one.