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    Detectives for public companies, corporations and Administrations


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    Detectives for companies


    In collaboration with the department of human resources and the legal department of the organization, our detectives plan the action method to reach the wished objectives. Pursuit, an infiltration or certain managements can be a monitoring/.


    The habitual objectives in this type of cases accustom to being used, clients and even the own organization (in the case of the service of mysterious client).


    The type of facts to investigate is low labor, industrial espionage, contravigilancia (electronic sweepings), thefts, unfair competition, possible concealment of property, pre-labor information, professional infiltration, control of franchise-holders, location of weak people, previous information to embargoes and already mentioned mysterious client.

    Private detectives CataloniaPrivate detectives Catalonia

    He investigates his organization from within


    The infiltration of detectives in a company is one of the more effective methods of control in the corporative private investigation.


    It arrives a little while in which it loses the control of his organization. Or in the hour calculation of the workers or referring to the control of the inventory. In this situation, one of our detectives will get up its organization, will define the problem and will propose an effective answer to the referred circumstance.


    The size is indifferent from the company as far as the infiltration. He is equal of effective or in a multinational or a small factory.

    Private detectives CataloniaPrivate detectives Catalonia

    Compliance as system of detection and prevention

    With the reform of the Penal Code the criminal responsibility of the legal people is gotten up to the legal ordering. The integration of corporate compliance will be able to act as exemption or as extenuating according to the case.


    Two types of criminal conducts exist by which a society can be responsible: Crimes committed by the people with being able of representation in name or on behalf of the company and in its benefit and crimes committed by the workers, in the exercise of social activities and by account and in benefit of the company, when envelope has not been exerted they the due control.


    In order to avoid that the company is judged by crimes it will have to carry out a strict control that it demands to have undertaken a system of detection and prevention of criminal conducts in the enterprise organization.