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    Service express of the private detectiveService express of the private detective

    The service express is devised as a fast answer to an precise situation. This means that it is not an investigation. The detective will not investigate anything, the detective will document what she is happening.


    It is possible that this work of documentation is due to realise of way hides or under any subterfuge.


    For example, a neighbor is making much certain noise in an hour. Or perhaps one is a barbecue or perhaps of a sublease of a building, the occupation of a house or a place of car park, a tumulturaria fight… any thing that you are connoisseur who is happening right now, we we will go and we will document it so that you can denounce it before the forum that considers.


    The principle remembers by which we were in force the private detectives: When nobody can more help him.



    An agency of private investigation guarantees the most effective and, therefore, economic answer to him.


    As a rule, when a client arrives at our office, already it knows that is the suspect, where it lives and in what it borders hour happens what harms.


    Our work will allow to document these facts legally him, instead of facing any procedure the typical “word against word?.


    It turns out complicated to enumerate all the situations in which it can have the necessity to count on our services.


    From missing people or inheriting strangers, conjugal acts of infidelity, monitoring of the children, drug addictions, battering to the third age, thefts in houses, cases of

    bullying in scholastic centers… Any situation in which you can consider that she is only… is when a private detective needs.


    Our agency is especially scrupulous at the time of accepting cases. The reason is because we especially watched that the client has a legitimate interest, which solicits to us is completely legal and any right of the investigated one is not harmed.


    Why? Because our information will have total effectiveness in any judicial procedure and everything what we have documented in the last decade has arrived at the hands of the corresponding judge for its free valuation.

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