• Search of heirs, genealogical investigation and genetic identification


    Genealogical investigation and genetic identification


    Lleida, Tàrrega, Balaguer, Mollerussa and Cervera

    Private detectives and search of heirsPrivate detectives and search of heirs

    Inheriting strangers


    A building stops paying its obligations with the neighbor community. Nobody knows where he is the proprietor. Perhaps they spend the years until somebody falls in the account that is possible that the proprietor has passed away without leaving heir.


    In this case, it is necessary to find the heirs so that position becomes of a way or another one of the house and corrects the contracted debts.


    If this situation or an analogous one is in, it does not doubt in putting itself in touch with us and we will be in charge to locate to the heir and to transact the corresponding documentation with the purpose of to resolve all the loads that the reference good has.

    Private detectives and search of heirsPrivate detectives and search of heirs

    Genealogy versus Genetics


    Unlike the offices of successory genealogy, our agency works with two diametrically opposite tools: Genealogy and Genetics.


    By means of the documentation obtained in registries and parishes, we will be able to define that is the heir of a certain inheritance ab intestato. In fact it is a work that has not been too many advances in the last 300 years old (if we do not consider the telematics advances of communication).


    Ours second area of study is based on the genetic investigation thanks to the analysis of 16 or 23 autosómicos markers STR (short repetitions in tandem or Short Repeats Tandem) that they allow the determination us of genetic profiles of the DNA. We will take the samples from saliva, bleeds, hair with root, semen or nails. Unlike the previous one, it has been work area was unthinkable in private investigation for only 10 years.

    Private detectives and search of heirsPrivate detectives and search of heirs

    Successory genealogy


    We contribute the title necessary to make merit its law of succession on a certain inheritance and we will help with all the proceedings until the attainment of its granting and acceptance him.


    Or they are inheriting strangers or inheriting known in unknown whereabouts, we were in charge to put in touch with them to help to us them in all the proceedings.


    Thanks to our work, situations of dilatoriness of houses, impossibility to give to commercial exit to these buildings or the occupation will be avoided of the same. Following the theory of broken crystals, a uninhabited house is a center of impoverishment of the property and the district.


    By logic, if it wants to locate somebody in particular… is necessary to call to a private detective.