• Method of investigation of the private detective


    Tools and places of the private detective


    Tarragona, Reus, the Vendrell, Tortosa and Cambrils

    Digital sign. Private detectives CataloniaDigital sign. Private detectives Catalonia

    The digital sign


    Part of our work consists of tracking the activities of the people in digital surroundings. We only accede to devices that are property and habitual use of our clients. In case the property or the habitual use is of investigated or the third people, we did not operate on those devices.


    Nevertheless, the people are leaving a daily sign in social networks, digital mass media and forums online. We collate the contacts of a same person in different social networks with the aim of finding the dissonant data that she allows us to locate in a while in a place or to the investigated person.


    And although this person considers that all profiles are castrated and all publications are hidden, we guaranteed to him that always she facilitates information to us that will help to locate it sooner or later us. Or by the use of determined nickname, by the tastes and likings of its contacts or by the labelling of certain images.

    Detectives on foot of street. Private detectives CataloniaDetectives on foot of street. Private detectives Catalonia

    Detectives on foot of street


    The true work of a private detective is on foot of street, hidden to total view. Without disguises.


    A case cannot be solved without stepping on asphalt. All the case must be planned but the experience says to us that in very few occasions the events happen as one hopes. The investigated one will not leave when we hope, will not take the predetermined itinerary and it will not buy either where we thought that it would do it. And more, if the investigated one is hiding something in particular.


    By that reason, the private investigation requires of hours of monitoring and kilometers of pursuit. If a private detective says the opposite to him, or lies, or is committing some illegality (of which the client will be legally accomplice).


    The economic solutions, the fast routes in the private investigation will take to him, as minimum, to a useless report. It engages legal detectives, qualified and escape of ridiculous prices.

    Average of test. Private detectives CataloniaAverage of test. Private detectives Catalonia

    The test means


    Another detail to consider at the time of engaging a private detective is how it will document the facts of which she is witness.


    In our agency we have predilection by the photographic format. A camera allows us to catch images to very long distance and with greater quality of image than frame of a videocamera.


    Nevertheless, there are situations that are required of a video camara because the objective is to document an action in particular (for example, to load with a weight or to handle a tool). In those cases, we worked with videos.


    Also they are the cases in which we must work with hidden microcameras in any daily object that allows us to capture images and videos of surreptitious way. The quality of these images leaves much to be desired, but they are used to documenting especially evocative situations.